How We Do It

Engaging - Evaluating - Exploring

The process is co-creative and our facilitators work closely with leaders and managers to determine the needs of their organisation in order to create a meaningful programme or programme series for the whole team.

Inspiring - Challenging - Strengthening

Equality and Diversity Forum

Through the art of facilitation we strengthen the capability of organisations to ‘be the change they wish to see in the world’, encouraging the translation of strategic visions into organisational culture by way of:

  • Action learning
  • Building teams
  • Participatory strategic planning
  • Enabling cross-team, cross-organisation and cross-sector collaborations
  • Working with Boards of Directors
  • Strategies for dealing with change
  • Embedding leadership, facilitation and conflict transformation skills
  • Having fun with purpose!
“Conflict resolution enabled me to learn loads about myself and what is happening for me when I am experiencing conflict within myself. For the first time in my life, I am in contact with my feelings and what makes me tick. Thank you Ange!” Participant, In-house Conflict Resolution process

Strengthening organisations in conflict transformation

Group Session

Conflict is natural and all groups and workplaces experience it. Facilitate to Create specialises in working with conflict because how an organisation’s culture responds to conflict can be the difference between its growth or decline.

In the absence of transparency and open communication, a ‘culture of fear’ and mistrust can occur. Unaddressed conflict affects all team members irrespective of their involvement and can continue to blight an organisation long after those concerned have left.

So we think it’s essential that leaders and managers have conflict resolution skills and that the culture of an organisation promotes teams working together to maintain trust and motivation.

An organisation confident in transforming conflict can:

  • build resilience
  • innovate new ways of working and respond to change
  • create an inclusive culture of openness and effective communication
  • enhance strategic achievements

Whether your organisation is currently experiencing conflict or wants to develop skills and communication processes before conflict arises, Facilitate to Create can help.

“Our conflict was so entrenched and debilitating that we lost our biggest funder. With the help of external facilitation we renewed our purpose, agreed foundational values and began to rebuild our organisation.” Participant, In-house Conflict Resolution process

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